The mission of Friends of Phoenix Public Art is to support the maintenance and restoration of the Public Art collection of the City of Phoenix, through three core strategies:




“Arts and culture are vital to quality of life, vibrancy and economic development in Phoenix. In fact, Phoenix proudly features a spectacular municipal art collection and has one of the best public art programs in the nation.”

– Mayor Kate Gallego


The Phoenix Public Art Program was established in 1986 by the Phoenix City Council to help create a more beautiful and vibrant city. The program acquires the highest quality artwork, creates community landmarks and bolsters civic pride by involving the community in the design of its buildings, infrastructure and spaces.

In the past three decades, the program has created many award-winning projects and become a national leader in developing collaborations with artists and other design professionals to help make a better Phoenix. The projects range from new parks, community centers and canal trails, to bridges, streetscapes, overpasses, transit centers, and other key infrastructure. The program also offers professional development opportunities to Arizona artists.

Tour the City’s Collection

Explore the City of Phoenix’s Public Art collection online! Click on an image in the sliding carousel on this page to navigate to the City’s website for more information on that specific piece.


With more than 180 site-specific works of public art and 1,000 portable works, the Phoenix Public Art Program offers much to appreciate, celebrate and preserve. Caring for the public’s art is essential to sustaining the beauty and humanity of our city’s public fabric. By building partnerships, recruiting volunteers and raising awareness and funds, the Friends of Phoenix Public Art will advance the cause of community cultural stewardship and help extend the life of public art and culture for future residents to enjoy.


Through talks, presentations, media and web events, exhibitions and other public outreach, Friends of Phoenix Public Art builds awareness and ownership of the art that enriches our community and lives.