LOVE IT! Phoenix Public Art Campaign

The LOVE IT! Phoenix Public Art Campaign creates awareness, pride and appreciation for public art assets in the City of Phoenix.

The campaign spotlights how Phoenix public art:

  • Bolsters economic development by generating a more beautiful city, where companies are able to attract and retain employees who want to live, work and play.
  • Enhances civic pride in neighborhoods.
  • Creates a more interesting, culturally diverse community where appreciation for arts and culture is abundant.
  • Promotes healthy communities and outdoor exercise via the beautification of walking paths and public park amenities.
  • Provides a welcoming environment for enjoyment of the outdoors.
  • Fosters engagement with neighborhood public art assets.
  • Reminds citizens that art is a city value and a tremendous necessity that helps to propel resident pride forward.
  • Prevents city/real estate decay and abandonment of common citizen areas.
  • Protects our city from urban deterioration.